Hoax your enemies in Critical Ops game


The shooting and battle game is developed by Critical Force Entertainment for free to play with. Here the gamer has a role to opt for whether it is terrorist or anti-terrorist. Critical Ops is very fast-paced game which does not give time to take more time and to think. Quick action and thinking is part and parcel of the game. The player has to hoax his foes by different types of dangerous weapons and credits of the game. The users of Critical Ops can avail the facility of Critical Ops Hack to choose various things in the game.

How to combat in Critical Ops

There are many things assist the player to win the game. There are blue credits and orange credits for instance. Both the credits make its user to have better weapons and buy new weapons to defeat the enemies easily. There are bullets, guns, ammo, and grenades, and so on to use against the foes. Player can also become victorious by putting much effort.

Before playing the game

Before the game begins player has to opt for to form a team with other players of the game and has to select some weapons to eliminate the team of opponents. Player may be in terrorist side of counter- terrorist side to play and before the first round has to buy some equipment too. The buying time gets over; then player starts playing the Critical Ops game. Each player of Critical Ops embarks with MP5 and must go to advance through 15 levels of the game. Different levels of the game mean different weapons to use to knock down the foes. In the last level 15th level player kills the enemy with the help of knife. All the game modes are interesting, entertaining and dynamic to play.

Special shop of the game

Excluding all the above things the Critical OpsĀ game has also a special shop which makes players able to purchase credits. With these credits and Critical Ops Hack can also be used by player to open skin packs of weapons.

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