Full details regarding currencies in The Sims Freeplay


The Sims Freeplay is a stunning game, and it is a simulator. The game is handy to play and complete many kinds of small tasks.  It is free to use, and anyone can download the game by the android store. The game is published by the Electronic Arts. You can choose any different career for levelling up and make your life big. Various Sims are present in it, and they are available for us, and you will get much amount of currency by finishing levels. Simoleons are used as a currency, and each aspect of the game give various other currencies.

Types of currencies

There are lots of currencies are used, and they are helpful for completing tasks. The currencies are used for playing many rounds, and it gives us stable gameplay. For playing well, we need to grab all the information of currencies.


Simoleons are the prime currency, and it is in the form of virtual currency. It is used for buying goods for home, clothes, food, plants and many of other necessary things. By the help of it, you can also change or add many new Sims. The player can purchase such currency by the real money or go with The Sims Freeplay Cheats.

Lifestyle points

LP is an important currency for enhancing the lifestyle in the game. A high amount of such currency is helpful for obtaining many things for homes like furniture, plants, decorating things and many more. We can collect much amount of LP by smashing many targets and tasks.

Social points

Social points are valuable for us and for grabbing it we have to join some kinds of parties. Meet and make the connection with various new Sims. SP is mainly earning by completing various small events in the family gathering.

VIP Points

Several levels are present in the game, and each one is different. Many VIP levels are also present, and they are locked for beginners. After spending a long time in the game, you can unlock it with the help of VIP points, and you can even use The Sims Freeplay Cheats.


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