What WQHL can do?


If your car or vehicle is damaged, you can completely trust prestige automotives regarding the correction procedure. They generally work the best when it’s about cars and if it’s about collision matters or body part repairs; they will help you in the correct manner. They will give you an estimate when you take your car for repair and will hand you over once it’s back as a new car. Collision and Auto body services will work with the insurance company and thus give you the best repairs for your damaged vehicles. After the car is returned as new, they also run tests for maintenance and thus customise it according to your liking. The different repairs on the top list are:

  • Collision Repair
  • Dent, Scratch and Ding Repair
  • Paint-less Dent Repair
  • Bumper Repair
  • Auto Restoration
  • Body Panel Repair